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David Morris, the Craigdarroch’s Executive Chef introduces the new Spring Menu

The fresh larder available to chefs in Scotland is renowned as one of the best in the world. At the Craigdarroch, we’re passionate about honest cooking, not over complicating and overshadowing the outstanding ingredients that we use. Our dishes mirror the changing seasons to take advantage of nature’s offering on the diner’s plate.

As we introduce our Spring menu Scottish lamb, of course, is proudly featured. We can also take a closer look at two other interesting dishes…

I’ve spent time perfecting The Craigdarroch’s vegan friendly Caesar Salad. To deliver the distinctive taste usually provided by anchovies, the creamy sauce is flavoured with capers, garlic, Scottish rapeseed oil and peanuts. The dish, with fresh torn Romaine lettuce, is finished with vegan cheese and a gluten-free crouton.

For meat lovers, a lesser known Steak is on offer. Hanger steak or Onglet as it’s known in French is often referred to as the Butcher or the Chef’s cut. Its superior flavour tends to lead chefs and butchers to keep it for themselves! Well, at the Craigdarroch it is available for all. From the lower belly of cattle reared on Scottish farms, hanger steak is recommended to be served rare. Top it off with a haggis, peppercorn or lemon & herb butter.

I’m confident that our Spring menu has a dish that will interest and delight every diner.

Poached Scottish Seafood in an Aromatic Broth

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