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The Craigdarroch Hotel

Starting out life as the Craigdarroch House Hotel and later the Craigdarroch Inn, the venue has had a varied history in terms of it's purpose, position and offering.

When Nigel and I took over, we had a clear journey mapped out and that meant implementing certain changes to the business the Craigdarroch had become prior to our arrival. Having run multi-million pound change projects in previous lives, we're very much aware of how reactions can differ to even small adaptions.

Our goal is clear.

We are firmly commited to providing high quality, sustainable experiences for our hotel guests and visitors to the restaurant & bar. A rebalance is taking place to focus more on the hotel and more on fresh, locally sourced dining.

To achieve this, we're already a good way through refurbishment programmes of guest bedrooms and public areas. Investment has been made in the hotel's grounds including the removal of the awful static caravan and the construction of the kitchen garden.

David Morris, our Executive Chef, now has his feet firmly under the table and is delivering exciting and authentic dishes championing fresh ingredients sourced locally.

And now that we are actually delivering what we aspired to, attention turns to our brand. The time is now right to clearly articulate who we are and what we do. (That's not to say there isn't still work to do!)

This part of the transformation will see us stop referring to ourselves as an Inn and a village pub. Over the next few weeks you will start to see 'Craigdarroch Hotel, Restaurant & Bar' pop up on our website, in our communications and on our roadside signage.

We remain extremely excited about delivering a new hotel and dining concept to South Loch Ness that welcomes both visitors and local residents alike.

Our journey continues...

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