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From Dubai to the Scottish Highlands

The modern sprawling metropolis of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates was home to Richard, Nigel and Horlicks for 15 years. Before long, for expats living in the UAE, thought turns to 'what next'? Having been lucky enough to witness the unparalleled re-birth of city mixing many facets of modern life, the only sensible option was a return to the UK.

As for many, Covid and the associated lockdowns put a perspective on the world that said 'don't delay', so keyboard and mouse in hand, we doubled down on our search to find a suitable property for a venture we had long discussed. That of owning and running a hotel, providing access to unique experiences and magical destinations.

Where more appropriate than next to Loch Ness in the heart of the Scottish Highlands? An area familiar to Rich as he'd spent many a childhood holiday on the shores of Loch Oich. Nigel on the otherhand, spent his second visit to Scotland viewing the Craigdarroch with an eye to purchase!

Before long the deal was done and the three of us were on our way back to a life in the UK.

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