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Refurb programme well under way

When we first viewed the hotel we knew there was a bit of work needed to breathe life and love back in to the property. The first half of the year saw the grounds given the attention they deserve...

On the interior we have an ambitious programme ahead, a programme that's well under way...

Through to the end of 2021... a focus on bringing the top floor of the building back online. Not in regular use for a number of years the 2nd floor needed a complete refurb. Rip everything out and start again...

That plan is well underway as we'll have the owner's accommodation, staff living accommodation, a loch view room and the new Loch Ness Suite all finished in time for Christmas. Well, we hope we will as we've sold the rooms over the festive period!

Early 2022 will see 3 guest rooms refurbished on the first floor of the hotel with the remainder done by the end of the year.

The bar and dining room will also see new flooring and furniture through 2022.

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